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Global provider of:

  • Hyperspectral mineral characterisation services to the exploration, mining, oil and gas industries.
  • Sales, support and training for The Spectral Geologist (TSG) software.

Delivering value-added, rapid, non-destructive, mineral information to essential drill core, chips and field samples.

Identifying the mineralogy in geological samples is a primary objective and foundational component across the geoscientific disciplines of the exploration-mining-geometallurgy-remediation chain.

Spectral Geoscience use infrared spectroscopy as a tool to generate qualitative and quantitative mineral information to support the objectives of exploration geologists, mine geologists, geotechnical engineers, geometallurgists an environmental scientists.

What we do

We are passionate about the application of hyperspectral mineral analysis to aid exploration and mining companies identify, delineate, develop and extract natural resources.

We listen to our clients

To find out what their challenges are, then collaboratively plan a tailored scope of work using the appropriate tool for the task.

hyperspectral Data acquisition

Recommended instruments:
1. HyLogger-3 (VNIR-SWIR+TIR)
2. ASD TerraSpec4 or Halo (VNIR-SWIR)

SpectralGeo can capture hyperspectral infrared data on-site or in the field using a hand-held infrared spectrometer (e.g. TerraSpec4, Halo, oreXpress) and/or train clients in how to obtain their own high quality spectra.

Alternatively, clients can send their samples to SpectralGeo to be scanned and analysed.

SpectralGeo can also arrange for larger projects to be scanned by one of several CSIRO-developed HyLoggers around Australia and in China, Mexico and Chile.

mineral interpretation

Extract qualitative or quantitative mineral information including: mineral identification, abundance, crystallinity and chemistry. Deliver mineral products fit-for-purpose to meet the client’s needs.

What our customers say

TerraSpec4 + TSG onsite training in data acquisition and analysis.
“I am VERY happy with the results. We are going to zap every drill hole from now on.”

JH, Northparkes Mine, NSW

Mineral characterisation of drill core samples collected with an oreXpress.
“….your interpretation of the alteration mineralogy is one of the more important strands of information that we can get from the drilllcore and we don’t want to waste any precious drilling meters!

KH, Papua Mining plc, P.N.G.

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